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From conception of your vision, through completion of your project, your TPG Project consultant is dedicated to guiding you through the process. We've been providing this unparalleled service to clients for over five decades.

Site Selection/Development

Site selection assistance will assure your property adequately meets your needs and requirements. We can quickly evaluate a site for suitability, zoning, size and future growth.

Preliminary Architectural Services

Our preliminary architectural services provide a way for us to work together to clearly define a comprehensive scope of work for your project. It is our intent to thoroughly understand your methods of operation, services offered, growth objectives, design preferences and image. This work culminates in the development of site plans, floor plans, elevations and a preliminary budget that is compiled into a feasibility study for your project.


Planning is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal. TPG has been working with clients for over five decades to develop master plans, building renovations and new developments. Thorough planning, from concept to completion, from site purchase to phased development to construction, is essential to coordinate all efforts to assure client expectations are met.


Once a preliminary design has been established, our estimating team computes the costs of the various trades involved. These costs are developed utilizing a quantitative method based on the scope of work. We do not estimate projects on a square footage basis. Each estimate is specifically tailored to the project and will, therefore, reflect the individualized nature of your design.

Architectural Design

Architectural design is more than putting a pretty face on your building. It's also function, planned space, site utilization, maximized marketing and retail opportunities, and the creation of a facility that is a vibrant contribution to your community. Our award-winning companion firm, Barber-McCalpin Associates, is your architect and the key to successful architectural design.

Interior Design

Our architectural department works intimately on your project. Interior design services deliver work and customer spaces that function as you require. Interior decor decisions deliver the finishing touches, right down to the flower arrangement on the front desk.

Retail Solutions

Today's financial facility needs to deliver more: brand identification, marketing opportunities, and retail solutions. TPG addresses all these needs, resulting in built-in solutions to your retail, marketing, and brand requirements.


Above and beyond all else, your facility needs to work. Our professional engineering services, civil, mechanical, structural, and electrical, assure the vision does, indeed, become the reality.

Construction Documents

Our construction documents are exceedingly thorough and complete. The Charter Township of Flint Building Department wrote us a letter saying that our drawings “…are, without a doubt, the most comprehensive, detailed, thorough, and easy to read…” that he had ever seen. These drawings were typical of our documentation process which details all the materials that are to be used in a project.

Construction Services

This is where it all comes together! Thompson Phelan Group provides professional construction supervision on every project, assuring our commitment to design, standards, and safety. Our construction superintendents are also committed to delivering full value from each trade on your project.


Our "Total Project" approach demands that all projects and their schedules be closely monitored by office and field personnel from start to finish. It is in the best interest of all parties to stay on, or ahead, of schedule. Our past history demonstrates our repeated ability to do this.

Financial Equipment

Choosing the appropriate tools of the trade is a vital component of your project. Our professional staff will assure your satisfaction in performance and value.


Although optional, clients have the choice to streamline their projects by including furnishings in their building program. Coordinated by our professionals, we provide all items of interior decor and furnishings.


Clients frequently find great satisfaction by completing the vision of their finished product with a meticulously designed landscape plan, again maximizing the value of our total project concept.

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